Reporting Dashboard:

Get a summary of your outreach initiatives including status, spend, conversion rate and much more in an easy to read charts and fancy graphs. Reports can be downloaded (PDF or excel formats) with a click of a button.

Outreach Segmentation:

All your outreach campaigns will be automatically grouped into buckets: Finalized, pending and expired. Easily search, edit and delete a record based on specific criteria. Outreach groups can be easily determined by the user and can be set from a simple drop down menu. The system will automatically save your changes and update the reports to reflect the status of each outreach. You can add up to 500 records per account.

Communication Log Capability:

Tracking what you have pitched to influencers can be challenging. RelFollow allows you to keep track of all the back-and- froth communication with 3rd party sites and influencers with a simple system that automatically time stamps your input. It’s almost like a simple CRM system for all your link acquisitions.


RelFollow will automatically notify you when your outreach is going to expire. Notifications will be logged into the system to alert you to take the proper action.