The <RELFOLLOW> Story:

It started when I first heard about SEO at one of my first internship gigs I landed back in 2004. Search engine optimization was a mystery world where millions of companies of all sizes try to compete to achieve high rankings. I decided to dig deeper into SEO to master and out-perform our competitors. With the constant Google algorithm updates, SEO was one of these channels that I considered unpredictable unlike the rest of the other digital traffic sources.

In-order to prevent the constant horror stories that I heard about in my digital marketing career, I decided to follow and craft a methodology that works regardless how far the engines evolve. One of the elements I focused on was link building. I realized that backlinks are so powerful in increasing organic search rankings. Through forming a white hate link building techniques, I was able to rank many of my clients’ websites for very competitive terms.

I realized that link acquisition is becoming harder to attain over the years because Google’s scare tactic to webmasters who actively participate in link acquisitions. My conversion rate for link outreach was very low and what used to take 1 or 2 communications to acquire a link now requires more time to form a relationship. This complexity in initiating relationships and converting them required a system that is capable of tracking and measuring my outreach efforts. Excel sheets weren’t cutting it due to limited capabilities and the excessive back and forth communications with 3rd party sites. That’s when I decided to create a simple, yet powerful tool that is capable of tracking and logging all my communications with the influencers I target. was developed to make your outreach campaigns more productive by tracking all your back-to-back communications, budget and pitch progress in one dashboard. This is the same tool I use to initiate and track all my off-page SEO initiatives. I invite you to take this tool for a risk-free test drive hoping this is something every SEO professional will find useful and affordable.

Yousif Hazboun